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Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

May 11, 2009

Microsoft has made a very slick laser mouse for laptops or for people with very small hands(carnival folk). I am reviewing it in the context of the latter. This thing looks funky. When I first saw one in the box I thought it was a oversized bluetooth headset.

Nope, it’s a mouse. A good mouse or just another mouse with a stupid gimmick to catch peoples eyes? Well i’ve been using it now for over a week now and must say that it is probably the perfect mouse to accompany your laptop. When you are done using your laptop most of us fold down the monitor on the laptop. You fold down your mouse and then put it away in it’s nice little sack. Yes, this mouse actually folds in on itself. Makes it incredibly easy to place in your laptop bag.


The dongle for the wireless connection between your laptop and the Arc is very small, much nicer than a 1-2″ long, gawdy thing poking out from the laptop that is prone for bumping and bending(Not good.). Not only is the USB dongle for the Arc compact, the section of the mouse that folds up has a little magnetic home for the USB dongle to stay nice a cozy in until the next use.


A big key selling point for wireless devices is of course how long is there battery will hold the juice. Microsoft claims that the battery on this puppy will last for half the year. When that six months rolls around, rest assured the Arc will be sure to let you know with a glowing red LED indicator.

The only negative comment I can think to mention about it is that the mouse-wheel makes that annoying clicking sound with every flick of the finger. Other than that; for about thirty bucks the Microsoft Arc is a steal in my eye…err hand. With all said, if you are thinking of buying a mouse for your laptop go to your local “brick n’ mortar” or buy online. Either way you’ll be getting a great mouse for your hard earned moola.

Be sure to pick out your favorite flavor too. The Microsoft Arc mouse comes in black, dark red, dark green, dark blue, dark purple and white.


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Explorer + Zune = Weeee

May 4, 2009


Got a Zune? Wanna browse it’s files like every other MP3 player?

I just found a guide on how to do it and IT WORKS! Sweet. Check it out: